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Unfortunately for the shoutbox there are some rules that must be laid down. These can also be found under the shoutbox when logged in.
1. Do not use the shoutbox for any type of advertising purpose. Any outside link is strictly prohibited, unless authorised by the Admin.

2. Do not spam the shoutbox with messages of no purpose/meaning or post repetitive messages one after another.

3. No vulgarity, offensive language or racism will be tolerated.

4. Respect the moderators.

5. Do not discuss or encourage members on how to scam offers, only how to complete the offers legitimately

6. Please do not post the Promo Code, where it is located or how to work it out in the shoutbox. Sometimes it is supposed to be fun/challenging.

7. To the best of your ability please use English in the shoutbox as it makes communication easier for all. 

8. Posting of SB codes IS allowed and is actively encouraged.

9. Do not post other sites rates in the shoutbox.

10. Please do not ask when your payment will be made in the shoutbox. The answer is clearly outlined in our FAQ. If it has been more than 7 WORKING days then please submit a Trouble Ticket. Posts will be deleted without reply, as this is not the correct place to ask. 

Note: Breach of these rules may result in certain restrictions being placed on your account. The severity of which is at our sole discretion and that of those who moderate the shoutbox. 

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