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What is the Daily Rewardpot?
The Daily Rewardpot is a daily contest that every member can win! All you have to do is complete offers!
For every offer that you complete, worth 1 point or more*, 0.5 points is added to the Daily Rewardpot (subject to change).
At 11:59 PM (shoutbox time) the Daily Rewardpot ends.
The Rewardpot is shared randomly between 10 members, so long as you have made one entry, you have a chance to win.
It's that simple!

*RadioLoyalty, Minute Staf, Virool, Matomy, PTC Wall, AdClick Wall, Clixwall, Supersonic Ads &EngageMe.TV (Offer Wall) are not included.
We reserve the right to remove any walls from the jackpot without notification

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