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What are locked funds?
Any offer over 350 points or 3.50 KR Credit is automatically locked for 45 days. This is a security measure to reduce fraud and to ensure that we receive payment, before we pay you, as most companies make us wait 30+ days after you have completed the offer until we are paid. After the 45 day period, the points will automatically be released to you. 

Any offers on the Keep Rewarding wall that will be locked will show a
Points may be released sooner at the sole discretion of Keep Rewarding. We do not mind you asking us to check if certain offers can be released sooner, especially if it is an offer type we don't usually lock i.e Crowdflower or something similar. This is best done by using the inbox system. 
We reserve the right to lock any funds we see fit, especially Purchase and Trial Offers. This also includes any bonuses you earn. 

1. What are locked funds?
2. Where can I view my locked funds?
3. When will my locked funds be released?